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750RE: [jasspa] hippie-expand from GNU Emacs

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  • Phillips, Steven
    Oct 6, 2003
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      It looks like Emacs's hippie-expand is very similar to ME's expand-abbrev-handle in that it tries different methods to get an expansion. The behaviour described below is the 'try-expand-dabbrev' part of it which is similar to ME's expand-look-back command. The ability to search back further if executed again is a useful extension which I'll try to implement, not sure when though,


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      Subject: Re: [jasspa] hippie-expand from GNU Emacs

      balaclavabob2 wrote:
      > Hello,
      > Is there any macro in microemacs which mimics the GNU Emacs hippie-expand?
      > hippie-expand is like an autocomplete while typing within a buffer.
      > For example:
      > int blah1, blah2, blah3;
      > Now if I typed 'b' and then activated 'hippie-expand' I would get
      > 'blah1' then if I pressed it again I would get 'blah2' instead.
      > This is SO useful when using long variable names and if it is not
      > included it shouldn't be to hard to make a macro for it?
      > I don't have the time or the patience to make/test a macro todo this.
      > Bob

      Hi Bob,

      I'm not familier with hippie-expand. At the moment there
      is an auto look-back expansion which kind of does
      what you are looking for.

      Assuming that you are running the latest release 12/02

      M-x user-setup
      Goto "General"
      And on the "Abbrev Expansion" then enable
      "Lookbk" (I usually enable "Dic't" as well).
      Then "Save" and "Current"

      <esc><esc> bound to "expand-abbrev-handle" (if you want
      to re-bind) will then look back, match and then expand
      whatever it finds that matches the starting string at
      the cursor.



      ele<esc><esc> -> elephant

      May be with a little tweeking to the macros then we could
      give you the previous occurence etc. as per hippe, but it
      is not doing this at the moment.

      Other useful thing may be...

      There is also the "occur" macro (right mouse option
      may also be bound to S-F7). This opens another
      window and finds occurences which can be quite useful
      in moving around the file or simply copying out of
      the window.

      See how you go with these, if you've some more
      suggestions of what we could do then get back to us.



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