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736Re: [jasspa] a couple of simple(? and probably silly) questions

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  • Jon Green
    Aug 6, 2003
      jegunn wrote:
      > Curioser and curioser. I was able to get rid of the underlining by turning
      > 'use-fonts' off in the user setup, which seemed to do nothing visible
      > except change $system from 30866 to 30850, which seemed to do nothing at
      > all when I had done it 'by hand' before. I incidentally have a *MAJOR*
      > unhappiness with user-setup; almost anything you do, even if it should not
      > touch user.emf, seems to wipe out your user.emf file with all your
      > carefully crafted macros and bindings. I am sure I am using it wrong, but
      > the documentation, while seemingly complete, is not much help in avoiding
      > this problem. I learned years ago just to keep it backed up and restore
      > it, but I wonder what the point of setting it up this way is.

      It sounds like your configuration is incorrect.
      Within your .zshenv/.cshrc/.profile add something
      like the following:-

      # Set up Microemacs
      export MEPATH

      Create the directory $(HOME)/.microemacs and place
      your local config files in here (<logname>.emf etc.)
      Logout/In or re-source the start-up script and
      it should then work OK. The path order is important
      here and your own directory should appear first in
      the list.

      With respect to fonts, my system setting is something
      like this (1600x1200 display) - values taken from the .erf
      file, no underline problems etc. I hope that you read
      the notes on the 12/02 release, you cannot move the
      .erf file between older releases, if you do then this
      causes problems (similar to the ones you describe).
      It should not be necessary to mess with the $system
      bits, the only time that I have ever needed to do this
      is with a problematic TTY console configuration, the
      rest of the time the user-setup is sufficient.

      // Sun Solaris

      "sunos" {
      "ext-char-set" = "1"
      "fence" = "4"
      "file-ignore" = "~ ./"
      "font" = "-*-lucidatypewriter-medium-r-*-*-*-*-*-*-m-*-*-*"
      "scheme" = "schemebh"
      "scroll-bar" = "0x1be"
      "system" = "252050"
      "toolbar" = "1"

      // Linux X-Windows

      "linux" {
      "blink" = "750"
      "ext-char-set" = "1"
      "fence" = "2"
      "file-ignore" = "~ ./"
      "font" = "-*-clean-medium-r-*-*-*-130-*-*-*-*-*-*"
      "scheme" = "schemesf"
      "scroll" = "17"
      "scroll-bar" = "0x1bf"
      "toolbar" = "1"

      // Linux Console

      "linuxc" {
      "system" = "30869"

      > Anyway, one down.
      > The keypad thing is a puzzle. I cannot, I think, use translate-key,
      > because me thinks the keypad 7 is just a numeric 7, and if I translate
      > 7 to `home' it will translate both the keypad 7 and the top line 7 to
      > home and I will have no `7' key *at all*. Or am I missing something??
      > I do not understand how me subverts the X keyboard translation so
      > thoroughly and neatly.
      > I am using stock Redhat 8 on a Pentium IV machine with an ASUS P4B533-M
      > motherboard, Intel 845 chipset; sorry I did not say before.
      > Any ideas?
      > thanks much, and thanks more for a really neat piece of code.

      Yep, there are some problems here on my Sun under Solaris.
      Just applying a fix now to use <X11/keysym.h> to perform
      the mapping. This should give a good translation into ME.
      I'll also test it under Linux (Slackware) and then push
      the fixes up onto jasspa.com. Note that this build will
      include a number of newer features as it comes from the
      top of the CVS development tree, but is stable. Will
      push early next week which will give me a chance to
      test it properly - I will assume that you can build
      from source - let me know if you want a binary image.


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