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729RE: [jasspa] Re: new install question

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  • Phillips, Steven
    Jun 27, 2003
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      I need to understand the problem first, the mail below suggests that the file psventek.emf is being loaded and displayed, why? I'm guessing that this is caused by either your short-cut having the emf file on the command-line (i.e. "me32 psventek.emf" instead of just "me32") or your psventek.emf file is being executed and it has an error in it (ME will then display the file and set the cursor to the point of the error). The first is most likely as having removed psventek.erf it should not be executing psventek.emf.

      If you can stop psventek.emf being automatically loaded you will either get the "*scratch*" or the "*help*" buffer displayed, if its the *scratch* buffer, you have a valid user setup and you need to add the following to your psventek.emf start-up file (taken from the top of me.emf):

      define-macro start-up
      !if &seq $buffer-bname "*scratch*"


      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: psventek [mailto:psventek@...]
      > Sent: 27 June 2003 02:06
      > To: jasspa@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [jasspa] Re: new install question
      > Steven,
      > > Does 'esc ?' (or 'esc x help') work? This should bring up the
      > on-line >help pages.
      > Yes it does, this is the window I want to come up when I d\double
      > click the me32 icon to fire up the editor.
      > >If not is it most likely that you have not installed the on-line
      > >help, this can be verified by looking for the me.ehf file in the
      > >macros directory.
      > Yes, this file exists in the macros directory.
      > > If this does work then the most likely reason for the help page not
      > >automatically coming up is because you have created a proper user
      > >setup >(i.e. you have a psventek.erf user setup file).
      > Yes, I have a "psventek.erf" file in the macros directory (but even
      > when I remove it, I still get the psventek.emf file in the me32 window
      > when I fire the editor up). Is there a line in the psventek.erf file I
      > can put the name of the *help* file in to get this file to load first
      > time?!
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