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728Re: new install question

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  • psventek
    Jun 26 6:05 PM

      > Does 'esc ?' (or 'esc x help') work? This should bring up the
      on-line >help pages.

      Yes it does, this is the window I want to come up when I d\double
      click the me32 icon to fire up the editor.

      >If not is it most likely that you have not installed the on-line
      >help, this can be verified by looking for the me.ehf file in the
      >macros directory.

      Yes, this file exists in the macros directory.

      > If this does work then the most likely reason for the help page not
      >automatically coming up is because you have created a proper user
      >setup >(i.e. you have a psventek.erf user setup file).

      Yes, I have a "psventek.erf" file in the macros directory (but even
      when I remove it, I still get the psventek.emf file in the me32 window
      when I fire the editor up). Is there a line in the psventek.erf file I
      can put the name of the *help* file in to get this file to load first
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