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725FAQ: Changing the middle mose button "Paste" or Yank action.

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  • Jon Green
    Jun 3, 2003
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      The default yank (or paste) action with the middle
      mouse button is to insert copied text at the current cursor
      position. This requires that the cursor is moved to the
      new position before the mouse middle button is pressed.

      This behviour can be changed to "yank" to the position
      of the mouse cursor when the middle button is
      pressed. To do this then perform the following

      M-x user-setup (or Help->User Setup)
      Select the "Mouse" Tab
      Change "Button" to "Middle"
      You will see the default option is "No Move Yank"
      Change this to "Move to Yank"

      The Yank or paste will now be performed wherever
      the mouse cursor is when the middle button is pressed.