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721RE: [jasspa] JSP highlighting?

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    Mar 27, 2003
      Thanks for your answer. By now I have (mostly) got it right myself. I
      am not afraid of changing things around, I just don't understand even a
      little about Lisp.

      Your solution is better, but what I did was:

      What I did was in me.emf added .jsp to the extensions for the html
      mode, as jsp pages are just html pages with embedded java.

      Added "<script>" "<%" to the "openers" of the java section (if that is
      the right term), as it is already done for JavaScript and "%>" for the
      end ("</script>" is already there) in hkhtml.emf.

      Now, the only problem I have is that autoindenting doesn't seem to work
      on either of them (javascript or java code). I'm completely lost in
      there, so any help would be welcome.

      Should I post a copy of this to the list?

      Thanks very much for your help, I will email you the changes when I
      have done them (I have two deadlines tomorrow, so I am far too busy to
      sit down and write something clean, I'll have to live with my hack for


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