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713Re: [jasspa] me2002.pdf

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  • Jon Green
    Jan 7, 2003
      Dr. Detlef Groth wrote:
      > Hello, happy new year !
      > I've uploaded a new microemacs-documentationfile in pdf-format for
      > people which does not have the possibility to work with chm- or
      > hlp-files (like unixes).
      > the link is:
      > http://www.microemacs.de/me2002.pdf
      > but be aware it is a 4mb download.
      > Any suggestions are welcome.
      > regards, Detlef

      Thanks Detlef,

      A Happy New Year to yourself !

      Looks good. I must admit I am currently looking at
      docBook (SGML) as a better 'source' for the documentation,
      using jade (and pdfjadetex) to perform the conversion
      to PDF and the XML formatter for WWW pages. Not figured
      out the me.ehf document yet, but that should be possible
      to auto generate this from the SGML source with a
      new dsssl definition.

      Will distribute a first cut when ready, will probably
      distribute the SGML source as well - thats assuming that
      the transition is successful. I have to admit it takes
      a long time to pull everything together.

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