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709Re: [jasspa] Re: item-list and man page

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  • Jon Green
    Dec 19, 2002
      Dr. Detlef Groth wrote:
      > Hello,
      > Great! It works almost perfectly. The only problem, thatI am not able
      > to add the minus sign. Neither:
      > set-variable .fhook-man.item-list-s1 "^\\([A-Z\CH][\\-A-Z\CH ]+\\)"
      > nor with more or less backslashes before the minus I got sucess --
      > regards,
      > Detlef

      You should be able to write the following:-

      set-variable .fhook-man.item-list-s1 "^\\([-A-Z][-A-Z\CH ]+\\)"

      The '-' as the first character of [..] is not interpreted.
      Note that I have also dropped the first "\CH", this
      was my mistake - one would not expect the line to
      commence with a backspace.

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