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707Re: [jasspa] item-list and man page

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  • Jon Green
    Dec 19, 2002
      Dr. Detlef Groth wrote:
      > Hello,
      > Thank you for the great new toolbar. This and the frames I use all the
      > time. This toolbar really is better than my old meide. I am using
      > espescially (Favourites, item-list and the foldable abbrev-list).
      > In order to add an item-list to manpages (which are sometimes very
      > long) I tries the following three lines:
      > set-variable .fhook-man.item-list-s1 "^\\([A-Z] [A-Z ]+\\)"
      > set-variable .fhook-man.item-list-r1 "Sec \ecB\\1\ecA"
      > hilight .hilight.list-item 64 "^H[A-Z]" "" .scheme.function
      > the first two lines dis what I want however the items are difficult
      > to read because of those ^H-s which I could not remove with the third
      > line.
      > Any ideas ?
      > regards,
      > Detlef


      An interesting problem. Attached is my solution to the
      problem - requires some modification to hkman.emf and

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