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690xml -- Don't see as open tag:

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  • Thomas Hundt
    Dec 3, 2002
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      This line which appears at the beginning of many XML files causes ME
      to indent whatever follows, as if it were an "opening" tag. (It's a
      "processing instruction" line. I've only seen this one but there could
      be more.) Trouble is, it's not an "open" tag, there is never a
      closing tag for it, so it should not really indent:
      <?xml version="1.0"?>

      I wanted to disable this behavior, and found the solution by changing
      this line in hkxml.emf:

      indent .hilight.xml n "<[^/!]" 2 ; line 78
      indent .hilight.xml n "<[^/!?]" 2 ; add '?' to exclusion regexp

      And actually I put this in my myxml.emf file, in order to leave the
      hkxml.emf in its original state:
      ; Replace entire indentation scheme (in hkxml.emf) with mine
      0 indent .hilight.xml 1 20
      indent .hilight.xml e "\"" "\"" "\\"
      indent .hilight.xml b "<!--" "-->"
      indent .hilight.xml n "<[^/!?]" 2 ; different!
      indent .hilight.xml o "</" -2
      indent .hilight.xml o "/>" -2

      -Tom Hundt
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