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678Re: [jasspa] KeyBoard Problemes ( Syntaxe error but everything dont work )

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  • Jon Green
    Oct 2 12:56 PM

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
      You do not say what platform you are running
      on. I assume that it is Windows as you
      have submitted this E-Mail from Microsoft

      The first question is - have you enabled
      the French Keyboard from the user setup.
      From the menu this is:-

      Help->User Setup->Start-Up

      Within this dialogue then you need to
      specify that you are using a French
      keyboard. Once this is set up then
      this should invoke the French keyboard
      settings in keyboard.emf. You can
      see if this is running by adding

      5000 ml-write "Running French Config"

      into the French keyboard setup i.e.

      !elif &seq #l0 "Francais"
      !if &seq $platform "win32"
      5000 ml-write "Running French Config"
      ; Thanks to Meyer Jean-Francois
      translate-key "A-C-4" "{"

      If the print appears then you
      are running the correct configuration.
      If you are running with a French Keyboard
      configuration then we need to establish
      exactly what you are getting for the
      key strokes. You message identifies
      what does and does not work - but it
      does not indicate what you are getting
      instead. To do this then we need
      to look at the key history as follows:-

      a) Enter the key that does not work.
      b) C-h v for "list-variables".
      c) Search for the variable $recent-keys
      this shows recent key presses and
      can be used to identify what key
      sequence is being received.
      d) Add a new "translate-key" sequence to
      correct the received key sequence to the
      required key - add to "keyboard.emf".
      e) Restart the editor.

      If you manage to correct all of the keys
      then please submit the changes so that
      they can be corrected.


      > GUILLET François wrote:
      > Hello
      > i have lot of problemes
      > i have edite keyboard.eml but the change dont work
      > i join my keyboard.eml
      > [ dont work do [ ] (5b)
      > ` dont work (ef) make ï
      > please help me
      > your sofware is grate like emacs is greate
      > but configuration is hard
      > bye
      > François GUILLET
      > email : k.bastet@...
      > web : http://k.bastet.free.fr
      > tel : 06 08 70 69 38
      > fix : 04 67 79 69 68
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