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65[jasspa] Re: file-hook overwrites definitions in me.emf

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  • Jonathan Naughton-Green
    Oct 1, 1999
      Exact mode:-

      You are supposed to be able to this off in the "user-setup"
      However I have just tried this and it is not working.
      Need to investigate this further....and fix !!

      Global bindings are simply added in your user-setup

      global-bind-key super-delete "C-delete"


      "Kludszuweit Dr, Arne (A.)" wrote:
      > In generally I need file-hooks. But some hotkeys should work for all
      > extensions global.
      > But if I start me.exe the me.emf is called before all extension-depending
      > file-hooks hk*.emf i.e..
      > are called.
      > If I want to have case - insensitive search for all files or a special
      > hotkey in all files I must change this in ALL! hk*.emf files.
      > Is there another way to start automatically an *.emf after file-hooks are
      > load ?
      > (delete global mode "exact")
      > Thanks
      > Arne
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