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645Re: [jasspa] NanoEmacs and German keyboards

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  • Jon Green
    Jun 5, 2002
      Make sure that the file "ne.emf" is really loading. To test
      the script then load ne.emf into "ne" and then

      M-x execute-buffer

      Try the keys again they should work. To see if
      the execution is taking the correct path then could
      splatter a few commands in the macro file i.e.

      1000 ml-write "Got here"

      Once executed try the keyboard again - if it now
      works then the start up file is not being located.
      Put the file "ne.emf" on the execution path.


      hughes_dj wrote:
      > I have just discovered NanoEmacs - so much editor power in such a
      > tiny footprint - Great work!
      > Howver, I have a major problem using ne (under Windows) with a German
      > keyboard - I changed ne.emf to say "!if 1 ; Deutsch", but this has
      > made no difference - I still can't type characters such as "{[]}\~@|".
      > What else do I need to know to get a German input locale for ne?
      > -- David J Hughes
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