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613RE: [jasspa] set-mark/$status

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  • Steven Phillips
    Feb 27, 2002
      I think this 'mark set detection' code does work, the problem is that the
      mark is being set behind your back, for instance if you create a new buffer
      called "*foo" and type "C-x C-x" it complains theres no mark and at that
      point so should the macro code below, and if you do basic typing still no
      mark is set. But once a mark has been set the buffer will always have a mark
      from then on as there is currently no way of deleting the mark. I've also
      found that if you create a new buffer which has a template file inserted
      (e.g. t.c inserts the c.etf file) as this feature uses the insert-file
      command the mark is set to the top of the buffer, so simply creating a new
      buffer t.c will set the mark in that buffer.

      I guess that we could change set-mark so that "-1 set-mark" removes the mark
      and this could be added to etfinsert so that creating a t.c buffer will not
      have a mark set in it by default, but I am sure there would be lots of other
      macros where a similar problem is created. For instance your usage case was
      to test for the existence of a mark and if not set then select the whole
      buffer, this will lead to setting the mark to the top of the buffer so this
      probably won't work second time round etc.

      I'm still chewing this one over, any thoughts welcome!


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      > Sent: 22 February 2002 13:35
      > To: jasspa@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [jasspa] set-mark/$status
      > this macro doesn't work.
      > $status is always returning "1"
      > whether a mark has been set or not.
      > ?
      > !force exchange-point-and-mark
      > !if $status
      > ml-write $status
      > exchange-point-and-mark
      > !else
      > ml-write $status
      > beginning-of-buffer
      > set-mark
      > end-of-buffer
      > !endif
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