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  • un_x
    Feb 10, 2002
      i am assuming this would require a drastic change
      to ME in a fundemental way if it doesn't already exist,
      but anyway, i would like to know if ME can be stopped
      from playing "games" at EOL's.

      1) if you scroll, the cursor will weave in and out
      bouncing left and right to each lines EOL's.
      i wish it would just go straight up/down
      regardless of line lengths.

      2) when a line is wider than the screen, and you scroll
      past it's EOL, the line shifts to the last visible
      portion, but the screen doesn't.
      i wish the cursor would just go straight up and down,
      regardless of line lengths.

      3) when scrolled off the side of the screen, working
      on large tables, editing becomes difficult from
      the special attachment of the cursor to EOL's.
      i wish the editor treated a buffer as a (x,y) grid,
      instead of rows of "lines". ie, a cursor that had
      no special attachment to EOL's, and lines that
      "behaved" themselves by staying still and not
      jumping around to the last visible portion.

      it would make it easier on the eyes when columnation
      is important and more effective when dealing with large
      tables wider than a screen containing rows narrower than
      other rows.
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