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531Re: [jasspa] ehook, fhook, bhook

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  • dgroth@gmx.de
    Jan 18, 2002
      I assume that these my-fook-xyz invokation was silently removed ..

      Administrator@MG01-44 ~
      $ grep my-fhook-perl /cygdrive/d/dgroth/bin/me2002/macros/*.emf

      Administrator@MG01-44 ~
      $ grep my-fhook-perl /cygdrive/d/dgroth/bin/me2001/macros/*.emf
      /cygdrive/d/dgroth/bin/me2001/macros/dgroth.emf:define-macro my-fhook-perl
      /cygdrive/d/dgroth/bin/me2001/macros/hkperl.emf: !if &exist my-fhook-perl
      /cygdrive/d/dgroth/bin/me2001/macros/hkperl.emf: my-fhook-perl

      Administrator@MG01-44 ~
      $ grep my-fhook-doc /cygdrive/d/dgroth/bin/me2001/macros/*.emf
      /cygdrive/d/dgroth/bin/me2001/macros/dgroth.emf:define-macro my-fhook-doc
      /cygdrive/d/dgroth/bin/me2001/macros/hkdoc.emf: !if &exist my-fhook-doc
      /cygdrive/d/dgroth/bin/me2001/macros/hkdoc.emf: my-fhook-doc

      Administrator@MG01-44 ~
      $ grep my-fhook-doc /cygdrive/d/dgroth/bin/me2002/macros/*.emf

      Administrator@MG01-44 ~

      So everything has to be put into myxyz.doc

      That's a pitty. So I have to generate for each fhook I use a new file
      instead of simple defining in user.emf some small stuff ....
      Why ?


      Dr. Detlef Groth
      fuer Molekulare Genetik
      Ihnestr. 63/73
      D-14195 Berlin
      Tel.: + 49 30 - 8413 1235
      Email: dgroth@...
      Email: dgroth@...
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