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520Re: [jasspa] Abbreviation files (.eaf) anybody used \d ?

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  • Jon Green
    Jan 14, 2002
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      Further reseting the indent in the abbreviation sequences.
      There would appear to be a escape sequence of \I which
      performs a "back-tab" operation. This allows the indendation
      to be modified.

      So for Latex an abbreviation (as attached) may be defined.
      However, the shipped Latex macro template does not enable
      abbreviation mode by default so this needs to be turned
      on in hklatex.emf (add a 'b' to the setup strings) i.e.

      retrieving revision 2.8
      diff -r2.8 hklatex.emf
      < set-variable .fhook-latex.setup ® "/history" "fhook/latex"
      < set-variable .fhook-latex.setup-mask "aefghijkmnopstuwx"
      > set-variable .fhook-latex.setup ® "/history" "fhook/latex" "bfghinopsx"
      > set-variable .fhook-latex.setup-mask "abefghijkmnopstuwx"

      Really must get this documentation sorted out !

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