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503Re: Meta-^q removes spaces after periods

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  • Thomas Hundt
    Jan 3, 2002
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      You might find the settings below (from my "company" .emf file) of interest. I currently have it set for one space after sentence end, because if you set it for two, AND set right paren as a sentence-ending character, it puts two spaces after EVERY right paren, (like this in the middle of a sentence) which is really annoying. (This is a freestanding parenthetical remark where you'd want it to put two spaces after.) Fill-paragraph is currently not smart enough to differentiate (but I wish it was).

      ; Paragraph filling (formatting), see fill-paragraph
      set-variable $dot-space 1 ; # spaces after eos char during fill-para.
      set-variable $fill-col 65 ; fill-column
      set-variable $fill-mode "l" ; left-justify & fill
      set-variable $fill-eos ".?!)]" ; sentence-ending chars
      set-variable $fill-eos-len 1 ; # spaces after $fill-eos chars
      set-variable $fill-ignore ">|_@#" ; don't fill par start w/ these
      set-variable $fill-bullet "*)].-+"
      set-variable $fill-bullet-len 5 ; how far to look for "bullet"

      Note that some people say the use of two spaces between sentences is deprecated since word processors will do it for you:

      Not that I don't like 'em myself (old habit?). As in the text above.

      You can argue about this all day, for example:

      English teachers aren't always right, you know.



      >When I use Meta-^q to reformat paragraphs it has the annoying habit of
      >removing the double spaces that follow periods.
      >For reasons that only God probably knows periods are to have TWO spaces
      >following them in a sentence that is part of a paragraph. Ask any English
      >Is there a way to get this English Teacher behavior?

      Thomas Hundt <thundt@...> +1-415-643-3595
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