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483Re: [jasspa] Annoying Mouse bug and fix.

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  • Mike Hopkirk(hops)
    Nov 16 5:50 PM
      On Fri Nov 16,2001 (09:31:19AM +0100), sphillips@...(Steven Phillips) wrote:
      > Hops,
      > ...

      > As Jon mentioned, I had found this bug and come up with a fix, see below,
      > the mouse driver is very fiddly and has taken years to find all the bug, I'm
      > hopeful that this is the last. Assuming we are fixing the same problem, the
      > issue is more general than just the drag-region functions, can you please
      > check my fix and confirm this fixes your issue as well, thanks.

      Interesting, what was once impossible to avoid is now impossible to find.

      I reverted my source and macros in an effort to get back to a broken
      case and the bug is now *not* showing up on either platform I use.
      Annoying since I eventually hit it every time I was using the editor
      till i fixed it...

      So I can't tell up front if your change fixed it as well or not...

      I'll apply your mods to an unchanged mouse.emf and revert to using
      a clean source build for a while - let you know if the bug shows up again
      Give me a week or so ...

      > W.R.T. Hash tables I have spent considerable effort trying to make ME run as
      > fast as possible, the main area where performance is an issue is in macro
      > execution (who can type faster than ME can update?). One main area of this
      > is the command-name to function look-up and for this a hash table is used
      > (see efunc.h (horrid)). When using a hash table you either have a horrid
      > burnt in table like the one found in efunc.h or you create one at start-up
      > increasing the start-up time every time.

      Other option is to provide a tool that takes a simple description ( like a
      list in source code) processes it into a preinitted hash table datastructure
      as part of the build process.
      Gives best of both, simple understandable table of items and
      fast access of hash without having to hand maintain it.

      > The key-binding look-up is only
      > used when typing, the performance is not so critical and given the horrid
      > nature of hash table initialization this has remained a list (as have
      > variables, functions (&add etc) and derivatives (!abort etc)). If
      > significant benefit could be realised from the use of a hash table I would
      > certainly consider the change.

      I'd think you'd get something speeding up macro execution
      from hashing the other things in macro files - variables, functions and !things.

      Still I guess it'd need proving.

      - hops
      Everything disclaimed (including disclaimer)
      Mike Hopkirk (hops) | Whenever possible steal code
      InterSAN Inc | -- Tom Duff. (ex) Bell Labs
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