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472RE: [jasspa] Re: flashing brackets, parenthesis, etc

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  • Steven Phillips
    Nov 11, 2001
      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: Thomas Hundt [mailto:thundt@...]
      > Sent: 09 November 2001 21:22
      > To: jasspa@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [jasspa] Re: flashing brackets, parenthesis, etc
      > BTW it seems to me there is a bug surrounding this:
      > a) $fmatchdelay is calibrated in ms, not seconds as stated in its
      > help. (This is consistent with other delay variables.)

      Thanks for spotting this, I'll fix the docs.

      > b) fence matching is always active, regardless of setting of CMODE
      > This is kind of annoying when typing things like smilies in text
      > files. :-)

      This is a tricky one, think of the poor programmer who is still using lisp,
      the lisp support does not use cmode but if I switched of fence matching life
      would become a lot more difficult. This evidently needs to be a setting on a
      per buffer type basis (i.e. an option in buffer-setup), a new buffer mode
      would fit the bill the best I think.

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