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470Re: Email with ME, How???

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  • rnederhand@crosswinds.net
    Oct 29, 2001
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      Thanks Steve,

      The seperator seems to do the trick indeed. However, while I have my
      messages seperated I keep dates and authors missing in de message
      index. This is rather inconvenient since I have to read the message
      to see who wrotes it. Is this caused by the type of seperator (I just
      copied yours) or something else?

      I didn't exactly understand your User-Settings file. Why is there a
      distinction between main.dat and inbox? And shouldn't inbox be

      Anyway, I appreciate your help a lot. At least I got this thing
      running for the moment...


      --- In jasspa@y..., "Steven Phillips" <sphillips@p...> wrote:
      > Rene,
      > You are very close to getting this running, the User mail dir needs
      to be a
      > separate directory and the VM Main In Box must be a file within this
      > directory so a path is not required. The Incoming Mail Box needs to
      point to
      > the file generated by postie, this file does not have to live in
      the mail
      > directory. Also ME need a standard mail divide line to spot the
      > mail messages and postie does not do this by default so you have to
      use the
      > command line -sep option to do this as follows:
      > postie -host:XXX -user:XXX -pass:XXX -
      > "-sep:From root Mon Jul 19 20:02:02 1999" -raw
      > This should make postie get all your mail into
      > with a separator line (you will need to make sure the file exists
      first). In
      > user-setup change the settings as follows:
      > User mail dir: f:/MicroEmacs/mail/inbox
      > Incoming mailbox: f:/MicroEmacs/mail/main.dat
      > VM Main in Box: inbox
      > VM gets mail: Y
      > This should make ME transfer all your new mail from
      > f:/MicroEmacs/mail/mail.dat into ME's incoming mail box
      > f:/MicroEmacs/mail/inbox and the mail.dat file should be reset to
      > length. Once this is all working you will need to add a -rm (I
      think) to the
      > postie command-line to remove the mail from the server.
      > Steve
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