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463Re: [jasspa] My Spelling Checking is set up wrong.

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  • Jon Green
    Oct 20, 2001
      Spelling Checker Question:

      You do not say what platform you are on.

      You must have downloaded the dictionary for the language you
      want to spell. Some of the dictionaries have both the base
      and extended. I suggest that you pull both.

      Getting the Dictionary

      Unpack the dictionaries and put them in the $MEPATH. If you
      are on Windows and have used the InstallShield then they will
      be placed in "c:/Program Files/JASSPA/MicroEmacs/spelling".
      If you are on UNIX then you could put them in
      /usr/local/microemacs with the rest of the macros.

      Checking the Search Path

      Make sure that the files are on the MicroEmacs search
      path. You can check this by

      M-x list-variables

      The variable $search-path will show the macro search path. If
      the location of the spelling dictionaries is not here then
      you need to change the $MEPATH variable (this seeds

      Configure ME

      To configure ME then you need to set up for the language.

      Help->User Setup->Start up

      Go to the language entry and change this to the spelling
      language. "Save" and "Change". The speller should now be set
      up ready to use.

      If you are still having problems then drop me an E-Mail directly
      and I'll try and resolve your problem.

      Hope that helps.

      bpaddock@... wrote:
      > I have some thing set up wrong in the way Spelling checking works, can some one point me in the right direction please?
      > Any time I try Tools/Check Buffer it never finds any errors, even if the buffer contains words like 'Kat' or 'Doog'.
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