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460Detecting NumLock key press?

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  • sonicdaddy@yahoo.com
    Oct 12, 2001
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      I've used MicroEMACS 3.9 on various UNIX systems for years and,
      finally wanting to use it on Windows (98 & NT 4.0), I just discovered
      JASSPA. Very impressive program!

      QUESTION: Can JASSPA's UEMACS detect when the NumLock key is pressed?

      In the various UNIX systems I've worked on, I've always been able to
      cobble together an emulation of the VAX/VMS EDT VT-100 keypad,
      internally via macro programming in the uemacs start-up file and/or
      externally in the OS environment. In particular, everything depends
      on the EDT "gold" key: the PF1 key, which happens to be the NumLock
      key on the PC keyboard. Under Windows, for example, I can configure
      both Exceed and the TTERMPRO telnet program to generate the PF1
      escape sequence when the NumLock key is pressed. Under Linux, I use
      the xmodmap program to configure X so that the PF1 escape sequence is
      generated when NumLock is pressed.

      I don't necessarily need the PF1 escape sequence generated, but can
      JASSPA macros detect when NumLock is pressed. I've searched through
      the documentation and tried various @cq- and @cqk-based commands, but
      with no success regarding NumLock. A search of this group's archive
      only turned up some messages regarding NumLock under UNIX.

      Thanks for any help you can offer to a JASSPA newbie,
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