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437Re: [jasspa] improved buffer popup: ordered by file extension

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  • Jon Green
    Aug 22, 2001
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      Just installed this - it works very well - Thanks.

      I did change the binding from C-xxx-1 to C-xxxx-3
      because I use the C-xxx-1 binding for folding/unfolding
      operations (right button instead of left).

      I do like the fact that it does not immediately
      bring up the sub-menus. I currently have problems
      with the "Tools" pull down menu in 'C' because as you
      pass over "Tools->C tools" then you cannot get
      to the other entries. Thinking about it we ought
      to move this entry to tbe bottom of the pull down
      menu then it will not cause any problems.


      "dgroth@..." wrote:
      > hello,
      > So finally I got it working, here is the ordered buffer-popup using the
      > user registry. It is similar to the right-mouse-click quick open
      > function but only shows already opened buffers.
      > This function emulates the gnu-emacs-lisp-function (msb.el,
      > about 1000 lines of elisp-code) in less than 100 lines of emf-code.
      > You can customize the file extensions via Help->User Setup->File types....
      > OS tested: win2000, linux
      > regards, Detlef
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