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373Re: [jasspa] What's in it for Jasspa?

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  • Jon Green
    Aug 2, 2001
      psventek@... wrote:
      > What IS in it for Jasspa giving their flavor of Microemacs for free? I
      > wouldn't mind if it were shareware and required a registration fee.
      > >From what I've seen, it's a pretty darn faithful GNU Emacs clone
      > without all the really unnecessary embellishments GNU's version has.

      We are bound by the original MicroEmacs license so we have to
      offer it on the same terms as the original.

      As for what is in it for us ... to be honest - absolutely nothing -
      apart from a lot of work and lots of grief when things do not work.
      So why do we do it ?? It was simply a case that in using the editor
      on a daily basis we tailored it more to our usage requirememnts -
      features were added to make our work easier. After 8 years of
      modification we just figured that other people might want to use
      it as well and made it accessible in the public domain.

      Simple really.
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