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366Making ME run in background (wrapper encl.)

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  • Thomas Hundt
    Aug 1, 2001
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      I find it annoying when programs spawn their own windows to run in, and then persist in monopolizing my xterm.  This is the usual case in X, and the workaround is to type a '&' after the name to run things in the background.  I'd rather have things run like in Windows, without any fuss.

      To get ME to work this way, I use this little script (I may have posted it here before):
      #!/bin/sh -f
      # me.sh  thundt  rev 1  01-Aug-01
      # Wrapper around MicroEmacs; doesn't monopolize xterm
      # Rename 'me' to 'me32'; put this in ~/bin/me.
      set -v
      set -x
      me32 $* &


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