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360Re: simple microemacs questions

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  • psventek@hotmail.com
    Aug 1, 2001
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      Steve, Jon,

      > me32 filename
      > ME should load and display filename instead. Obviously me32
      >is not the same as emacs, so what is your emacs? Is it a batch
      >file which runs me32? if so
      > are you passing it the command-line arguments, i.e.:
      > me32 %1 %2 %3 %4 ...
      > If not this is why.

      You know... users (like me) should never be allowed to tinker with
      customization files and batch files and the like... :) I always
      get in trouble when I do (but I do learn that way). Of course I
      have a simple batch file alias with aliases emacs to me32, and I
      don't pass any arguments, so that's the problem. Thanks. Sorry for
      such a basic question.

      Next one..

      GNU Emacs provides the "global-unset-key" command to unbind
      keybindings. Does Jasspa Microemacs have such a beast?
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