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359Re: [jasspa] simple microemacs questions

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  • Jon Green
    Aug 1, 2001
      You can, I've got an install-shield installation on
      my machine hence my command line is:-

      C:\>"c:\program files\jasspa\microemacs\me32.exe" autoexec.bat

      and it loads up the autoexec.bat file.

      Under Windows I would suggest the following:-

      a) Icon launch uses the -c option i.e. the
      "Target" in the properties box is set to

      "C:\Program Files\JASSPA\MicroEmacs\me32.exe" -c

      This will cause the last session to be loaded.

      b) You need define your user setup - this is much better
      than the "guest" login. This is described in the
      help "Setting up the user profile". By the sounds
      of it you are already there. If you need some
      help then mail me directly.

      I've just repeated the exercise after logging in as
      "foo" - there is no configuration for this user so I'm "guest".
      The command line version above still operates correctly
      and loads the file.

      I'm not sure why you are getting the help menu if you have
      explicitly asked for a file load. Are there any error
      messages on the status line ??

      I am running the latest release + a newer patch - but
      the operation should be identical.

      Note to Steve:
      The new startup color scroll box should be a different
      colour from white because you cannot see it very well -
      action on me to finish off scroll box char).


      psventek@... wrote:
      > I come from a good many years using GNU Emacs under Solaris. It's a
      > pleasant surprise to find Jasspa's microemacs for PCs to have a pretty
      > darn close GNU Emacs feel. I'm still only a few days using it, but I
      > have some simple questions (am running it under WIN 95 and 98). Here's
      > the first one:
      > 1. Why can't I open emacs with a file with any of these commads:
      > emacs filename
      > emacs -o filename
      > emacs -O filename
      > In all cases I keep getting the Microemacs welcome screen with all the
      > hypertext help entries.
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