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343Re: [jasspa] Win95 - difficulty sizing window

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  • Jim Kalb
    Jul 4, 2001
      Worked great! I had to go to the setup routine in help to make guest.emf
      my startup file (there had been none) but then no problem.

      Query - I'd like to change a few other things, like the margins and
      filling behavior on startup. Is there someplace I could look to
      see what I should put in guest.emf?

      Thanks for your help!

      Or more simply, if you are only on windows then
      the following 2 lines would do:-

      82 change-screen-width
      50 change-screen-depth

      82 is the screen width (80 wide + 2 for scroll bar)
      50 characters deep.

      If you have not set up your user.emf file then
      edit "guest.emf" and add the 2 lines. You should
      then see the screen size change on startup.
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