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340Linux and latest Vs problems

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  • dedwards@forje.com
    Mar 24, 2001
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      I'm running the latest release (alpha) in slackware 4.0. Am having
      problems running in console mode. especially trying to set up the use
      of ctrl and alt keys.. E.G. global-bind-key beginning-of-line "home"
      works in the X version of me, but it has to be changed to "kp-home"
      for the console execution??? Binding "c-home" to beginning of buffer
      works fine for X vers, but nothing in console version.
      Also, backspace key works fine in X, - delete in console; ctrl-h =
      backspace in console, help modifier (c-h k; c-h v etc) in X.

      I know, you'd think that after 5 years with Linux I'd know more than I
      do, but the last 2 years in Win95 and NT4 have deadened my brain-cells
      such that returning to linux I feel like a complete newbie.

      I guess the best thing for me to do is to learn the keyboard mappings
      for all of the special key functions I've grown used to. That'd be
      fine if something as simple as "C-h a" would show me apropos!!

      Thanksfor anything useful.
      Dave E.