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319Re: FTP support in me

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  • Steven Phillips
    Feb 14, 2001
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      The registry file is an ME registry file (*.erf), remembering your favourite
      ftp site user name and passwd can be a real pain so the registry file does
      it for you, the site name drop-down will then list all the sites. If you do
      not wish to use this feature, i.e. if you don't mind typing in the Host
      Address etc. the ignore it, ftp will still function without a specified
      registry file. The help page on the ftp command goes some way to say this.

      Another way of using the ftp support is to use find-file directly (C-x C-f)
      and enter the ftp file that you want (i.e.
      ftp://user:passwd@addr/myfile.txt, or ftp://addr/myfile.txt if guest login
      is okay). The ftp interface is useful when you need to browser the site or
      you need to transfer files.


      > Hello!
      > I read about ftp support for me. When starting the "ftp command I'm asked
      > for a registry file. Well - I know (from NT) what a registry means. But
      > do I have to specify such a file? Can I use one file/user, or is there a
      > registry for each task? Why am I beeing asked?
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