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318Re: [jasspa] FTP support in me

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  • Detlef Groth
    Feb 12, 2001
      The way I most often use the ftp-command is like
      !define-macro edit-email-pl
      find-file "ftp://userid:password@.../cgi-bin/email.pl"
      you can also add the file to the favourites.


      Martin_Doering@... wrote:

      > Hello!
      > I read about ftp support for me. When starting the "ftp command I'm asked
      > for a registry file. Well - I know (from NT) what a registry means. But why
      > do I have to specify such a file? Can I use one file/user, or is there a
      > registry for each task? Why am I beeing asked?
      > --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      > Martin D├Âring

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