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  • dgroth@gmx.de
    Feb 9, 2001
      --- In jasspa@y..., Martin_Doering@m... wrote:
      Hello Martin,

      may be a look at my homepage (http://www.microemacs.de) may help you a
      Here just proposals for dummy shortcuts:

      This ugly keyboard...

      It can give trouble at the beginning because many `normal'
      Win-shortcuts are not working as you would expect it (C-c, C-x and C-v
      par example). I propose you
      are putting the following lines into your user.emf to make your live
      easier in the beginning:

      global-bind-key "yank" "A-C-v" ; ie. paste with
      global-bind-key "reyank" "A-C-y" ; this paste the
      previos clip
      global-bind-key "kill-region" "A-C-x" ; ie. cut
      global-bind-key "copy-region" "A-C-c"
      global-bind-key "undo" "A-C-z"
      global-bind-key "save-buffer" "A-C-s"
      global-bind-key "beginning-of-buffer" "C-home" ; adjusts jumping in
      the buffer
      global-bind-key "end-of-buffer" "C-end"
      global-bind-key "end-of-line" "end"
      global-bind-key "beginning-of-line" "home"

      Now you can use the `ALT' and the `CTRL'-key together like you would
      use the `CTRL'-key alone. This should help you (by the way on german
      keyboards, the
      `Alt Gr'-Key is doing this thing also). Furthermore choose `Help User
      Setup Start-Up MS-Shift Key = Y' to get still more Win-Feeling. The
      shortcuts C-x and C-c
      can't be easily reconfigurated to Win-like behaviour because they
      belongs to double shortcuts in the Emacs-Editor-family.


      > Hello, Jasspas!
      > I'm new to me (this means MicroEmacs, not myself). I never did use
      an Emacs
      > ever before and want to congratulate JASSPA and the other authors to
      > nice small editor. I use the current MicroEmacs 00 - Date 00/01/26
      > win32, HP-UX and Linux.
      > I found it very useful to have such things like a graphical diff
      etc. and
      > also the mode dependent Tools menu is very nice. The only thing is,
      that I
      > have to figure out all the keybindings. I would like a more cua
      > (Windows/Mac/Motif) like style, not so much the old emacs like keys,
      > 1000 people told me, that it is better for fast wrting (I never
      > fast).
      > Till now I used FTE, which unfortunately seems not to be developed
      > further. Also I like to have an extension language. Is there a
      tutorial for
      > me beginners, how to program for it? I have to say, that I can not
      > this language on the first look, like I would with Python, C or
      > Also I like all the pseudo-graphicle dialogs, boxes, filebrowsers
      etc. And
      > the best thing: It seems, that I can open and close files and
      windows, and
      > don't have to concentrate on buffers, like I would on XEmacs/FSF
      > This is more my style.
      > Is there some still existing macro to make me as windowish as it can
      be? I
      > would like to introduce this editor to all our developers. They
      > use NEdit. But I think me is more flexible, even it does not look as
      > familar to them, as NEdit does.
      > Martin Döring
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