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305MicroEmacs siz vs functionality

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  • Jörgen Jägermon
    Nov 3 6:33 AM
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      Hi there.

      I'm using MicroEmacs on a daily basis and would like to find out, ways
      to or documentation about
      HOW-TO recompile MicroEmacs with my own choice of options.

      For example can I remove the menu "Insert" and the underlying
      functionality, the question goes for i.e "Format", "Execute" and

      In other words eventhough MicroEmacs is much lighter than Emacs, I would
      (and maybe someothers) to make it even lighter and slimmer, into only an
      Is it possible to give MicroEmacs the possibility to support a package
      view where one could choose between all or some of the packages.

      I don't use ME for emails, calendar, insertions, formatting, etc.

      Best regards Jörgen J., Stockholm, Sweden.
      Jörgen Jägermon (SC/JöJ) E-mail: jorgen_jagermon@...
      Mixed Signal EDA support Tel : +46 (0)8 580 24 522
      MITEL Medical Semiconductor BU Fax : +46 (0)8 580 20 190
      Bruttovägen 1, Box 520 Web : http://www.mitelsemi.com
      SE-175 26 Järfälla, SWEDEN http://www.mitel.se
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