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3[jasspa] Running with MikTex on Microsoft Windows

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  • Jonathan Naughton-Green
    Jul 9, 1999
      > You must have read my mind, beacuse I've been for the last 2 weeks
      > finishing my thesis (as I've told you!). running Me99 and calling Latex
      > (miktex package) from ME99. The only problem I got is when the text has a
      > bad text command and the compilation is aborted . When I try to save the
      > file it gives me an warning like ' cannot backup file name.~a' and when I
      > run latex again it prompts me if I wanna close an active process I say yes
      > and all goes well.

      I'm having the same problem. I think the problem lies in the fact that
      the MikTex latex job prompts the user when there is an error. I've been
      trying to sort this one out but cannot find an option to enable ALL
      errors, but not to stop i.e. much the same as a C/C++ compiler.

      The only solution I've come up with is a modification to hklatex.emf
      as follows:

      !if &seq $platform "win32"
      ; Win32, lets assume that everybody is using MikTex, and why not !!
      set-variable %latex-view &cond &seq %latex-view "ERROR" "yap" %latex-view
      set-variable %latex-compile &cond &seq %latex-compile "ERROR" "latex --c-style-errors --halt-on-error " %latex-compile

      ; Add hooks for the latex compiler errors
      add-next-line "*latex-compile*" ""
      add-next-line "*latex-compile*" "%f:%l:"
      set-variable %latex-compile &cond &seq %latex-compile "ERROR" "latex" %latex-compile
      set-variable %latex-view &cond &seq %latex-view "ERROR" "xvdi" %latex-view

      The down side is that it stops on the first error - but does not hang. Note
      that I added the add-next-line. This allows you to use "C-x `" to goto
      the error line.

      This is bit of a compromise but does seem to do the job.


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