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295Crypto -- again

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  • Thomas Hundt
    Aug 20, 2000
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      I've been running the 3/22/00 release, in the hopes that perhaps the crypto
      functionality has been made easier to use... but it doesn't seem to be.
      There's still no way at all to open an encrypted file from the shell prompt
      without having it come up scrambled. I did find the 'find-cfile' command
      to open such a file once in the program, so that is helpful. (Just so you
      know, what I usually do is set up icons to open various files, including
      some that are encrypted. With pre-Jasspa versions, one could use a '-k'
      flag on the commandline to specify an encryption key... this is not totally
      safe, esp. on Unix machines.)

      A nice behavior would be to detect an encrypted file (given on the
      commandline) upon load, and prompt the user for a key, and then open the
      file. It would be OK if this were done via file extension (e.g., '.txc').
      I have been doing some experimenting in my .emf files but haven't gotten
      this to work yet.


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