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  • David E. Edwards
    Aug 11, 2000
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      Aaagh. A house move, 2 system rebuilds and two months without using
      jasspa and I'm lost - also lost all of my personal settings so I'm
      rebuilding my "userid".emf file.
      Now I'm getting a little confused. There are a couple of things that
      I need help understanding.
      In hkdoc.emf, there's a statement that looks for my-fhook-doc macro
      and executes it if found. I put this in my "userid".emf, but unless I
      do an add-file-hook in my "userid".emf, the settings do not work.
      does this mean that I should add the my-fhook-doc macro to hkdoc.emf
      Also in hkdoc.emf there is a force execute of mydoc - which I take to
      reference a file mydoc.emf.
      What is the best way to use mydoc.emf / my-fhook-doc?
      Also, if I make changes to "userid".emf, can I reload it or do I have
      to exit jasspa and restart?
      Thanks in advance
      Dave E.
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