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288Re: [jasspa] problem: pressing z,u or t leads to starting of genereting conte

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  • Jon Green
    Jul 6, 2000
      The bindings for Latex are defined in hklatex.emf.

      As far as I can make out f6, f7, f8 are bound to
      list generating functions. You may have created
      your own bindings. You can check the active
      bindings by

      M-x describe-bindings

      Do this in the tex buffer, this will show you what
      the key bindings are. The local buffer ones are
      listed at the top.

      As for z, u, t, r - I do not see these
      anywhere ??

      To unbind any of the bindings then create
      a "mylatex.emf" in your user directory
      with the following:-

      define-macro my-fook-latex
      !force buffer-unbind-key "f7" ; Unbind latex-list-section
      !force buffer-unbind-key "f8" ; Unbind latext-list-label

      Note that the !force is there incase it fails when
      not bound.

      Hope that helps

      Bastian Kruse wrote:
      > Hello,
      > Sometimes if I press a z, u or t (or r, 6,7 and 8) the generating
      > contents list function is started und the cursor starts to jump
      > between my *.tex file und the new opened window.
      > I donĀ“t know the exact reason for this. There are times it happens
      > every time I press one of the named keys. On the other hand most of
      > the time this is no problem at all.
      > Working under dos.
      > Is there a way to disable the generating contents list function or
      > what else should I do to solve this problem ?
      > Thanks !
      > Bastian