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281Re: [jasspa] Add/Change Meta key C

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  • Jon Green
    Jun 23 2:42 AM
      You did not tell us the platform I assume Microsoft Windoz ??

      Is MicroEmacs able to see this FN key ?? i.e. if you

      M-x describe-key

      and press the FN key does it register that the key has
      been pressed ?? If not the key is not visible - this
      requires some hacking to find out what it actually is ?

      Provided that it is visible ...

      To map it onto an existing key then you can use "translate-key".
      There are some examples of this mapping in keyboard.emf, this
      does the keyboard translations for different languages, but
      may be used to turn one key press into another.

      To turn it into a prefix then you can cange the prefix key

      n global-bind-key prefix "<key>"

      The is some help information on "prefix".

      What you cannot do is to replace the <control> key with
      another key, this may be an omission. It is actually
      fairly easy to hack the source to allow this mapping.


      Bastian Kruse wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I use a laptop with a very small Meta key C but it has a huge FN key
      > next to it. How do make this FN key to behave like the Meta key C ?
      > Thanks in advance !
      > Bastian
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