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273Me'99 Docs-update

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  • Detlef Groth
    Jun 9, 2000
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      again during the last days I were rewriting the JavaScript-version of
      the ME-docs-addon. Now findex05 is released which is much better than
      the previous version and the java-version from MS (nice TOC with three
      levels, faster Index-function, much improved bookmarking). Also the
      addon is in a seperate-folder, you will not get problems with older
      versions. Furthermore, versions for htm and html-files are released.
      Browsers supported are: NN 4.72 (certainly lower ones also), IE4.01,
      IE5.01. IE5.0 has a bug, it does not work. For more information,
      downloading the files (15kb) and visit http://www.microemacs.de

      By the way you can easily adjust the files: index.js and toc.js to your
      own needs building documentation-sets
      for other docs as well. I think this documentation-addon is the
      smallest, easiest and best one I've ever seen. Really.

      ToDo: Cookies (?) to permanently store bookmarks and the memore the
      status of the TOC.

      Please mail comments, suggestions!!

      Best regards,