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  • Detlef Groth
    May 26, 2000

      again an update for the ME-docs, I were rewriting my
      to make it faster, adding a new table of contents based on the
      Netscape-javascript-docs, and a simple bookmark-function therefore
      providing almost the same functionality in comparison to the compiled
      helpfile I recently made for IE.

      You can see an online demo at:
      may be sightly slow for the first time.

      you can download the package at:
      http://www.microemacs.de/download/findex.zip (25kb)
      in order to use this you need the ME-htm-helpfiles:

      I will release a version for the html-files soon.

      Please mail me any suggestions, critics and improvements (bookmarking
      with cookies...would be nice).

      Best regards,