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  • jerome_ibanes
    Feb 14, 2013

      > I must admit I do not really understand what what problem you are trying to solve, as most files are conventionally left to right and only the formatted text formats performs fully justified text against both margins, hence there has never been a need to globally modify justification across all buffer modes.

      Thank you, I will try to clarify my request.

      Other than using MicroEmacs for coding, I also use it to manage notes and documentation. As it's usually the case with technical documentation, I often paste in them some snippets of code or shell script, which often go beyond the 80 columns "limit".

      Justification then kicks-in and reformats them, which is a major inconvenience with (shell|python|perl|...) scripts.

      Because my notes/documentation are usually kept in a '.txt' file, MicroEmacs defaults to "Both Justify Mode" and I would like to make it default to "None Justify Mode" without setting this manually. Could you please point me towards the right way to address this?
      I will set it explicitly should I want justification.

      Thank you,
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