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2688Re: [jasspa] Bookmarks Not Restored From Previous Session

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  • Steven Phillips
    May 8, 2012
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      Welcome William,

      Something did not ring true with Jon's response, I seemed to recall adding this feature but its taken a while to track it down.

      Firstly 'Bookmarks' is a cosmetic pseudonym used in ME's GUIs which use the alpha-mark functions under the hood, not sure if we should have bothered  but I guess the edit menu's 'Set Alpha mark' would not have meant much to most new users.

      Anyway, the saving of alpha/bookmarks must be enabled using the session-setup tool, this tool configures the current session - simply enable the 'Save buffer bookmarks' option. As a side note, if the last 'Auto Update' option is disabled then the session file is not automatically saved on exit so you can create 'static' sessions.


      Jon Green wrote:

      On 04/05/2012 20:30, williamjgiberson wrote:
      > I have installed JASSPA MicroEmacs'09 on Windows XP and JASSPA MicroEmacs'06 on DOS. I'm very pleased with how the program runs and looks. It is fantastic considering its overall size. However, I'm at a loss as to enabling bookmarks to be restored from a previous session. I've read about User Profiles, the -c option, save-session, etc., set MENAME and MEUSERPATH in autoexec.bat, run the save-session and read-session commands etc., however nothing works to save booksmarks from session to session. Can anyone help point me in the right direction or offer any tips?

      Hi William?,

      I am not sure what you mean by bookmarks. I think possibly you mean
      "alpha-marks". These are not saved in the session.

      What is saved in a session is described in the help page read-session(3) and

      - Searching and replacing history.
      - Buffer name history.
      - Command name history.
      - File name history.
      - General (all the rest) history.
      - Buffer and file list with line numbers.

      So by saving and restoring the session then all of the buffers that were
      previously loaded are restored at their existing line number, history for
      search/replace, file names, shell history etc. is saved.

      So starting the editor with -c i.e. "me -c" will basically restore you back to
      where you were when you previously quit the editor. Transient information like
      temporary highlighting, alpha marks etc. is not saved/restored in the session,
      this is the bit I think you are referring to.

      So typically one would try to always start with "me -c" from the command line
      if you wanted to keep all of the files etc. from the previous session. In a
      window manager environment then the start command is typically "me -o -c %F"
      where %F is the file name which would come from the window manager (use
      appropriate syntax in the place of %F for the file manager you are using). You
      quit the editor as normal and do not need to do anything special.

      Other than that I am afraid to say that we cannot satisfy your requirements for
      "bookmarks" at the moment - Sorry!


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