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2674Re: [jasspa] New Jasspa version not making using session files?

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  • hops
    Dec 2, 2011
      On 11/30/2011 7:42 AM, Steven Phillips wrote:
      > Are the files local?

      Yes they're local
      /Documents and Settings/hops/Application Data/JASSPA/hops.esf

      ME does not read network files in as the network
      > may not be available in which case ME will hang for a long time (there's
      > probably a way of making it though....).
      Its not hanging at all. Starts up as normal
      The status line message indicates that its read the session file
      '[Session read]' but a session with the files is is not recreated

      Was there any change to the session file format at the last version
      ( this is on Windows XP)

      > Are there any other symptoms as I've not had any problems myself.

      Thats pretty much it no session (re)made but looks like the macro code
      is passing through the reading of the session file

      I just tried manually saving and manually loading the session file
      ('save-session' and 'read-session') and that seemed to work.

      Stopping and restarting after that me-10 still didnt automatically load
      the session on startup (in spite of the shown '[Session read]' showing
      but if I run a 'read-session' command manually it does load the sessions

      In a default distribution where in the macro files run on startup is the
      session loaded ( read-session command run)?

      > Steve
      > hops wrote:
      >> Hi all
      >> Has anyone else noticed any problems with the latest jasspa me version
      >> not using or reading session files ??
      >> I updated to use the new version about a month ago and immediately
      >> noticed the latest version did not correctly read/use the previous
      >> version session files
      >> (regenerate the previous session) and does not correctly read/use
      >> session files made from a new changed session done within itself..
      >> The session files seem to have the correct ( new session ) info - file
      >> names at least and the startup status line message indicate the session
      >> has been read ( but files not loaded....)
      >> ??
      >> --
      >> -- hops

      -- hops
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