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2666Re: [jasspa] suddenly everything quote highlighted!

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  • Reza Roboubi
    Oct 31, 2011
      I'm very sorry for the stupid formatting of my last email. The line
      spaces were all broken:

      On 11-10-31 04:40 PM, Reza Roboubi wrote:
      > Hi Jon,
      > On 11-10-31 03:54 PM, Jon Green wrote:
      >> I do not quite agree with your analysis because the quotes are fine
      >> in the comment when the current position is less than the look-back
      >> distance away. If the quotes in the comment were generally a problem
      >> then you would expect this to cause a problem irrespective of the
      >> actual distance of the offending statement away from the comment.

      > The question isn't what the problem is. The question is, what's the
      > solution? We both agree that changing the look-back length _only_
      > solves this issue if we set look-back >= file-line-number. That's a
      > fact.

      >> As for your idea of putting down anchors, this has potential
      >> benefits, I am not sure if this completely eradicates look back in
      >> its entirety because it must still be performed for brackets in lines.

      > Yes, hilight will simply have to look back until it finds the first
      > anchor outside of the window's view port. That way, you get global
      > and scalable highlighting, for any language or file size. And I
      > suspect it's pretty easy to do: Could someone who knows the source
      > code well give clear instructions of what needs to change and the
      > potential pitfalls to watch for?
      > Reza.
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