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2663Re: [jasspa] suddenly everything quote highlighted!

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  • Reza Roboubi
    Oct 31, 2011
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      On 11-10-31 01:19 PM, Jon Green wrote:
      > On 31/10/2011 15:07, Reza Roboubi wrote:
      > > On 11-10-31 06:11 AM, Jon Green wrote:
      > > > If you are able to send some code that reproduces the issue then
      > > that would be useful.
      > > >
      > >
      > > Okay, the attached file will narrow it down pretty nicely. Line 52 must
      > > be scrolled to the top of the page and then the highlighting is wrong.
      > > This is the version information and buffer mode is a standard .c file:
      > Hi Reza,
      > The issue is the look-back length in the template file. In the file
      > scenario
      > that you have posted then by scrolling to line 52 then the
      > highlighting is
      > expected to look back more than 50 lines in order to find an anchor
      > point on
      > which to base its highlighting scheme for the current line.
      > If you look at hkc.emf which performs the highlighting then the
      > template is
      > defined with a 50 line look back at line 110 i.e.
      > ; Hi-light C Mode
      > 0 hilight .hilight.c 2 50

      Thank you Jon. First, the problem is that the quotes are escaped.
      Without the escapes everything works. In this simple case, the easy
      work-around is to put such comments inside separate "README" files.

      The "hilight 150" look-back feature isn't _really_ for handling this
      problem, but rather, the "50" is the "largest comment size possible" in
      case that you are actually starting _inside_ a comment already.

      Eventually (if not too messy) it would be great to modify hilight to be
      globally precise and complete: hilight only needs to mark, globally and
      persistently, per-buffer, approximately every 40 lines or 400 characters
      or so. The marking says: "This Line Or Character lies outside any
      bracketed region."

      With markings like that we can _completely_ eliminate hilight's
      "look-back" parameter. The user never even needs to know about hilight

      That way hilight can even scale to ridiculously huge files (for example
      preprocessed output or whatever else.)

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