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2654Re: [jasspa] how different is jasspa microemacs and the uemacs?

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  • Jon Green
    Jul 21, 2011
      On 21/07/2011 17:38, isaacpei wrote:
      > Hello,
      > after using microemacs (jasspa version), I have to say, it's a GREAT piece of software - I had thrown python, ruby, and R codes into it, suprisingly everything works out of the box!
      Hi Issac,

      > I am curious how different is jasspa version vs. the uemacs
      > http://git.kernel.org/?p=editors/uemacs/uemacs.git;a=tree
      Well the jasspa version was based on uemacs but was forked a long time ago
      (refer to the history that is on the site).
      It is quite diverged now, the main difference in the macro language and
      features such as syntax highlighting, indentation etc.

      There are also some differences in the key strokes which have migrate in some
      ways towards GNU Emacs for certain commands. There is a compatibility mode that
      will turn the keyboard commands back to uemacs if that is what you prefer.

      > Another question is: is there active development on microemacs (jasspa version)? and if there is, it's in the macro side, or in the c side? thanks
      There is still active development, although very slowly these days, it depends
      how busy we are as to how much time we can spend on it (i.e. it does not pay
      the rent). There are no critical issues pending at the moment in the code and
      it is generally robust (well there are a couple of issues but most people would
      be hard pressed to find them just doing normal editing).

      Most of the development is macro code since we can do most new things with
      macros rather than writing native code. However the C code is modified from
      time to time either bug fixes or new features or extensions. Development is
      driven by requirements, so if there are no new requirements then we do not
      change anything.

      There are some bug fixes and a few new features that we have not had time to
      release just yet which we really ought to some time.

      As for your question on Lua, the answer is no. I have pondered on Lua for some
      time and considered that it would be a nice to include, however the amount of
      re-work that would be required is quite huge (assuming that Lua displaced the
      existing macros). I was not sure that it was worth the effort as it would
      initially be a huge step backwards before it went forwards. But I do agree that
      LUA would be a good engine choice were we starting out today.

      Anyway thanks for your comments.


      > Best regards,
      > Isaac
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