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  • cp200205
    May 4 9:44 AM

      I am terribly sorry! I have not gotten an email from the Jasspa group since 11/02/2010 for some reason. I need to look at the mail logs and figure out what went wrong. I did not see this (or any other message past that date) until I posted one this morning. When I saw it didn't come in I came to the web interface to see if it actually posted and now see all sorts of other messages I have not got.

      Anyway, I did apply the patch just now and it seems to be working great. About the copying of the region to the clipboard. I personally like that. I didn't catch on that it was doing that. However it is not the way the MS-shift stuff works in Microsoft. So... can it be the way it works in MicroEmacs? As I said, I personally like it that way but I'm probably not the only one using it. I guess it matters how much MicroEmacs wants to emulate the MS shift stuff. That's your call.


      --- In jasspa@yahoogroups.com, Steven Phillips <bill@...> wrote:
      > Jeremy,
      > Can you please try out the following patch, below is a diff and attached
      > is the complete emf file, I suggest you keep your current version just
      > in case there is a problem. I may have missed an input key or two,
      > please let me know if I have.
      > Also while doing this I noticed a fundamental difference between ME's
      > shift region and the standard - if you shift a region and then move
      > (i.e. let go of the shift and then press a cursor key) ME's shift region
      > implementation still copies the region to the kill buffer whereas on
      > windows you must use C-c to copy it into the cut/paste buffer. I guess I
      > was thinking nore of Unix style mouse behaviour when I implemented this
      > rather than a true MS region interface. Should this be changed or does
      > this quirk suit ME?
      > Steve
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