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2606DEB packages up for adoption

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  • Christof Boeckler
    Sep 30, 2010
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      Hi to all on the list!

      It has been very quiet from my side in the last year(s). Sorry for that,
      but I have been too busy.

      As some of you (esp. Jon and Steve) have noticed, my Debian and Ubuntu
      packages are heavily outdated these days. Although I still use ME from
      time to time, I spend my time in other programms (read IDEs not text
      editors) and with other things, for which me is of no use.

      Thus I give up my debian packages for adoption. Feel free to copy and
      improve them as you like. I hope someone can host a similar but more up
      to date APT repository than my one at

      I know I should have made this step much earlier and apologize for not
      responding to some of your attempts.
      Last: thanks a lot for all efforts you put into JASSPA ME!! It is a
      brilliant example for an open source project!