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260Re: reread-file [another hack encl.]

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  • Steven Phillips
    May 7, 2000
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      I've been looking at my long to do list and came across this:

      > Subject: [jasspa] reread-file [hack encl.]
      > From: Thomas Hundt <thundt@...>
      > Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 12:11:26 -0800
      > To: "JASSPA MicroEmacs Mailing List" <jasspa@egroups.com>
      > 1. Help file: ^HC, list-commands, creates a buffer o' commands which may be
      > double-clicked on to open the relevant help file. This is a Good Thing.
      > However, I can't figure out how to open one via the keyboard (e.g., after
      > doing a search for something [see below], my cursor landed on find-zfile and I
      > wanted to find out what the heck that was -- how to open it? Take hand off
      > keyboard, move mouse, click... seems kinda inefficient.)

      Jon added a key binding for this.

      > 2. One thing I do a lot is look at logfiles in ME. It's fast loading and
      > searching speed and seemingly limitless capacity (unlike vi ["window too
      > wide"] and Notepad) make it wonderful for this. Naturally, as a power user, I
      > want it all, and in this case the feature I need is an ability to reload a
      > file. See below.

      You're not the first to want this so I've added a new macro definition to
      utils.emf (called reread-file), defined as follows:

      define-macro reread-file
      !if &seq $buffer-fname ""
      ml-write "[Invalid buffer]"
      read-file $buffer-fname @mna

      > 3. What do the "shove" commands do? (shove-back, etc.) My version doesn't have
      > a help file for these.

      I've never hear of shove commands and they certainly don't exist in ME'99/00,
      what are they supposed to do? And where did you find out about them?